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2Track Mastering offers full mastering services for any size project. We specialize in working with independent artists and small studios looking to prepare their recordings for CD or digital distribution like iTunes or Spotify. We do a full analysis of your tracks for issues like clipping, stereo imaging imbalances, phase issues, spectral imbalances and overall loudness. After analysis we will correct those issues, edit out any unwanted noise between tracks, adjust EQ/compression/stereo imaging and more. We use the latest version of Steinberg WaveLab 8.5 and a variety of high-end analog gear to make your recordings sound their best. People often ask what a mastering engineer's most important tool is -- and it's not equipment. It's trust. We understand how difficult it is for many artists to let a complete stranger work on their tracks. We're artists as well, and we've been in that very same position. There's a bond of trust created when an artist gives you their tracks to work on - a bond that we take very seriously. We'll communicate with you every step of the way, we'll listen to your feedback, we'll work together to help shape your tracks to meet your vision. We try to bring the same attention to detail to your project as we would for one of our own.

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