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All styles, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Psychedelic, Rock

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ANDI VAX (Andrey Vakhnenko) - a sound producer, remixer and composer Founder of ANDI VAX and SynSUN projects Author of popular video tutorials "Mixing Secrets" and "Answers" Beta Tester: Access Music / Kemper Digital (Virus TI), Presonus (Studio One), Steinberg (Cubase) Creator of factory preset bank for Access Virus TI 2 synthesizer Producer of official remixes for Joachim Garraud, Astral Projection, Yahel, Skazi, etc Remixes of ANDI VAX were repeatedly supported by DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke and Thomas Penton Founder of online service of mixing and mastering www.ANDIVAXMASTERING.com Awards and achievements: 2005 - Best guitarist version EMT (Russia) for the track "Magic Fly" 2008 - "Breakthrough of the Year" (KISS FM) 2009 - "Hit Maker of the Year" (KISS FM) 2011 - "Best Producer of Ukraine" (Showbiza.net) 2011 - "Best Mastering Engineer" (Promodj.com) 2012 - "Best Producer of Ukraine" (Showbiza.net) 2013 - "Best Producer of Ukraine" (Showbiza.net) 2013 - "Best track of the Year" (Geometria Awards) -------------------- ANDI VAX, он же Андрей Вахненко, - саунд продюсер, ремиксер и композитор Создатель проектов ANDIVAX и SynSUN. Автор обучающих видео курсов по сведению "Mixing Secrets" и "Answers" Бета тестер компаний Access Music/Kemper Digital (Virus TI), Presonus (Studio One), Steinberg (Cubase) Автор заводского банка звуков синтезатора Access Virus TI 2 Автор официальных ремиксов для Joachim Garraud, Astral Projection, Yahel, Skazi Ремиксы ANDI VAX неоднократно поддерживали DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke и Thomas Penton Учредитель он-лайн сервиса сведения и мастеринга www.ANDIVAXMASTERING.com Премии и достижения: 2005 - Лучший гитарист по версии EMT (Россия) за трек "Magic Fly" 2008 - "Открытие года” (KISS FM) 2009 - "Хитмейкер года” (KISS FM) 2011 - "Лучший продюсер Украины" (Showbiza.net) 2011 - Победитель первого конкурса мастеринга (Promodj.ru) 2012 - "Лучшая песня года Белоруси" (Topless "Да ну тебя", сведение-мастеринг) 2012 - "Лучший продюсер Украины" (Showbiza.net) 2013 - "Лучший продюсер Украины" (Showbiza.net) 2013 - Лучший релиз года (Geometria Awards)

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hey, Tiago! thank you for your mail! you can check the portfolio here: http://www.andivaxmastering.com/en/portfolio or directly on ANDI VAX MASTERING Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/andivaxmastering/sets/before-after-examples

andi vax


Hello, where i can see some hip hop music you mixed and mastered?? thankz

tiago costa


Hello, I would like to map out the mastering of my 14 tracks (rap album). How does this work? Best regards, Felix


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