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Ångström is a high end mastering facility based in Brussels – Europe. This studio is the outcome of the ongoing quest into sonic excellence of the mastering craftsman Frederic Alstadt. It is dedicated to independent and alternative music and to the artists and labels we have been working with for more than 15 years as musicians, producers and mastering engineers. The key to our deep & warm open sound is to keep the processing chain simple using a clean and direct signal pass. No fancy processors, just the best vintage and modern custom tuned analogue equipment, as well as a few carefully selected digital hardware devices, giving the best of both worlds, for your music. Our studio, situated in an old Brussels house dating from 1900. Its geometry and custom design allows for an extended frequency response with exceptional acoustic accuracy, detailed imaging and a deep soundstage, and with natural day light ! We welcome you into the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at Ångström Mastering, where you’ll benefit from our individual approach and craftsmanship that both takes care of and respects your music. Please give us a call or email us for schedules, rates, studio tours or with any questions.

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