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Diamond Precision Studio is specialized to online mixing and mastering services. People around the globe can send us their audio files of a song and we will mix an awesome sound with the provided tracks. Most remarkable is our "request free preview" service. We give musicians the possibility to hear the result of mixing and mastering services before the have to buy. We provide musicians with an 48 hours mixing and mastering service because we know that nobody likes to wait. Further musicians will receive unlimited revisions of their mixdown and master until they're 100% happy with the result. Communication is very important to us. We keep musicians updated sometimes even on an hourly basis. We take time to answer emails properly and we make sure that musicians get exactly what they want. We them to feel comfortable with all our services, so we pay a lot of attention to giving them a good experience with our service. Besides mixing and mastering we sell online courses about recording and mixing and in Austria we also provide you with recording services and drum education.

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