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With an extensive knowledge of producing, performing, composing and teaching, Ed Littman has the ears, the gear, and the commitment to satisfy even the most critical clients. Of course he’s a critical client too! Mastering engineer and Guitarist/Composer Ed Littman has been involved with making and processing music for more than 25 years. As a Guitarist and Composer he has released several albums under his name that have received critical acclaim, and has done hundreds of performances throughout the New York area. As a Mastering engineer Ed has been recognized by some of the music industries most talented people as someone who brings a total commitment and artistry, along with an impeccable sense of detail to assembling and mastering an album. At Ed Littman Mastering we have the experience you can trust. With Ed’s varied musical performance background and diversified Mastering credits, he knows what most styles of music and instruments should sound like. He’s a trained musician, not just an engineer that truly enjoys creating a better sound for his clients and has the knowledge & equipment to do so. Our facility is specifically designed for CD Mastering,and post production by the legendary George Augspurger. The equipment used is the best analog & digital gear made and the list keeps growing. Analog mastering is our main approach to our process, simply because we feel it sounds better, and at Ed Littman Mastering although we offer other specialized services such as Vocal, Guitar, Bass recording our main focus is Mastering. Audio Mastering is not about signal processing or the equipment that is used. In short, it's about making judgment calls to improve or retain the quality of the clients mix's and to compose/assemble all of those mix's into a cohesive smooth listening experience for the end user on most types of playback systems. To achieve this consistently, the mastering engineer has to know the sound of their listening space and how it translates to real world play back systems, to react to first impressions and act objectively using the highest quality equipment that will assist in executing the deciding judgments made. Making sure there is a line of communication to the client is as critical too.

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