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Ronica, Joys of Madness, Marc Block, Agent Lala, Mammothwing, The Park Bench


We're all about high-end mastering, utilising a full analogue console path to deliver unique sonic results. Attention to detail with our client's projects has led to our reputation as a company that delivers the highest quality consistent audio output and a customer service that reflects the integrity in our work. The purpose of Mastering is to achieve correct tonal and dynamic balance, allowing a mix to translate on any playback system - Making it 'fit for purpose'. To take a great mix and translate it in to a fantastic sounding master takes skill, an in depth understanding of music and the correct tools. Even with this, attention to detail and care is required at every step to achieve the correct outcome. We at Formation Audio are only interested in producing a finished output from our studio that sounds fantastic and evidences that care and attention to detail. This is what has won our reputation as a company that delivers. The proof is in the hundreds of our great sounding masters out there. Once you've used us once you will hear the difference.

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