Jenix Nova Mastering

Flag Russia

Turnaround Time

3-6 days

Mastering Type

Digital only

Most preferred genres

All styles, Alternative, Ambient , Dance, Disco, Experimental, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Funk, Hip Hop

Price per track

from 30 euro

First track discount

Free preview

Stem mastering



Mastering Room based on "HQ Results - Low Price - Discounts" concept. We provide very high quality processing and improve your sound in a better way! Try before pay! It's FREE to try! High-Quality Mastering; Top Quality & Extremely Accurate Restoration/Editing/Audio Repair with the most superior results. Online Mastering. Reasonable prices, more tracks - more discounts. High Quality Results. Top-Grade Studio Conversion (SRC). Highly skilled mastering engineer with huge experience, knowledge, he specializes not only in mastering, but mixing, editing, restoration, sound back-up (rescuing from very spoiled into cleanest one; getting one sound from mixed tracks), sound-design, audio analysis/testing/measurements/DSP learning etc. *Mastering - 30 EUR; *Editing, Audio Repair and Restoration - 5-10 EUR; *Free "Editing, Audio Repair and Restoration" included in price of "Mastering". Recommended to avoid artefacts and other unwanted annoying sounds, but it is optional (this may be used (highly recommended) or not). *More tracks - more discounts (e.g. 20 EUR per each track mastered for one album consisting of 10+ tracks); *Payment maybe transferred into EUR, USD or RUB according to rate of exchange; Payment is ONLY after mastered previews have been approved by you, then you get full HQ-masters in formats you want; *FREE PREVIEWS! (short demo 256-320 kbps mp3) *Mastering using Reference tracks you wish; *First requirements for mastering/restoration: 44.1-192kHz, 24bit (minimum, "24bit dithered" recommended, slight noise-shaping may be used) or 32bit float/integer (recommended, without dithering) or 64bit float (as maximum, without dithering), WAV/AIFF, -3dB TruePeak Headroom (prefferably not higher) or a even lower/quieter for more headroom and to prevent any clipping. Render/Mixdown/Bounce as it is, without any conversions (sample-rate for mastering must be equal to sample-rate of recording/mixing stages) and with 24bit dithering on masterbuss (for 24 bit file) or without dithering (for 32-64 bit audio files, because there are no true dithering for 32bit/64bit, esp. for floating point). Limiters/Maximizers and other processing on master-buss are not required and strictly must be off! All tails in the end of tracks must be fully rendered. After our mastering work your music will sound better, fuller, punchier, louder, and crystal clear! Better your mix - better mastering results and more magic! Also we can provide Stem Mastering and Mixing services. + All questions and other details can be discussed in PM through our email:

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