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Abney Park -- Tyranny of Hours -- Jess Meuse -- Blackfinger -- The Skull -- Manowar -- David Shankle Group (DSG) -- Black Dillinger -- Black Map -- Damient Thorne -- Jade Davies -- Debris, Inc. -- Suffocation -- Metal Blade Records -- Sony -- Earthen Grave -- Eidolon (Shawn and Glen Drover of Megadeth) -- Kevin Elliott -- Nuclear Blast Records -- Good Co. -- Paul Harvey -- Paul Harvey Jr. -- I Jahson -- Jailcat -- KiSSiiAH -- Picture Atlantic -- Lisa Loeb -- Jan Morgenstern -- Ohm (Chris Poland of Megadeth) -- Jacco Muller -- Mynista -- NBC -- Dylan Owen -- Poured Out Like Wine -- Raped By Pigs -- Dave Rudolf -- Sonic Altar -- Subsonic -- Televators -- Susy Sun -- Valentine Wolfe -- Univore -- Ward 21 -- Prince Alexander Furst

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All styles, Alternative, Blues, Country, Dance, Electronic, Metal, Pop, Rock, Soundtrack

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See website for current indie specials and competitive professional rates. Audio mastering is arguably one of the most critical, but often the most misunderstood part of the audio production process. Your mastering session is the final step - The ultimate hours of the assembly of your project. Levels set - EQ tweaked - Stereo field adjusted - Fades established - Dynamics optimized. The mastering session is the last chance to get your project sounding its best before manufacturing or digital distribution. For some recordings, a final layer of quality control. For others, a substantial benefit regarding perceived sound quality and presentation. With the amazing variety of recording equipment and sources available -- From the most humble home studios, to elite, top-flight recording facilities, professional audio and CD mastering services have never been more important. MASSIVE MASTERING can give you the professional results you desire at rates that make indie labels blush. This isn't a “cookie cutter” service... Serious results, in a dedicated mastering suite, with a reasonable price tag. Bottom line. The vision of former JEM Music Complex chief engineer & senior mastering engineer John Scrip, MASSIVE Mastering provides an affordable, top-quality, dedicated audio mastering service to labels, bands and individual artists alike. Modern and 'old school' techniques mesh with a chain of world-class analog technology that any mastering studio would be proud to utilize -- Some of the most desirable offerings from Crane Song, Dangerous Music, Rupert Neve Designs, Weiss, Tyler Acoustics and more -- Processing and monitoring quality that is rarely attainable near this price point -- plus the state-of-the-art in digital technology. Clean and crisp, loud and clear, any genre, music or otherwise. Pop, Rock, Gospel, Dance, Trance, Electronica, Steampunk, Country, Metal, Blues, spoken word, cinematic - name it. It's no surprise why a clientele from around the world trust their audio mastering and CD premastering to MASSIVE Mastering.

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