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Third Eye Blind, Pat Monahan, Devotchka, Chuck Prophet, Train, Alasdair Fraser, Los Amigos Invisibles, Laura Pausini


Michael Romanowski Mastering is the premier audio mastering facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy guiding artists though the mastering process and easing into the manufacturing phase. This is the time when the artist is ready to wrap up their project, and we take it very seriously. Shouldn't the project on which the artist has spent so much time and effort deserve only the best ears to listen to it, in the best room to make decisions, using the best equipment to execute the master? We think so. After these steps, quality control of the technical specifications of the master is the next important part. We take pride in being as meticulous as possible to ensure the highest quality master. There are many ways to circulate the project to the end listeners, so we support many different types of master deliveries, from digital downloads to LP's, tape, and CD's. Michael Romanowski is a Grammy nominated mastering engineer. He is the owner and Chief Mastering Engineer at Michael Romanowski Mastering. He is also the owner of Coast Recorders and Co-owner and founder of the analog tape label The Tape Project, with Paul Stubblebine and Dan Schmalle. Michael served as President of the The Recording Academy’s San Francisco Chapter (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Chair of the National Presidents' Council, and serves on the National Advisory Council to the Producers & Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy. He also teaches at San Francisco State University and guest lectures at other regional colleges. Our mission is to ensure the best possible quality and translatability of the masters of every artist we work with.

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