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1-2 days

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Most famous clients

Sony Music, Mushroom Music, Goldroom, Anthony Callea, Sammy J & Randy, Ariela Jacobs, Silvie Palidino, Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) ...

Most preferred genres

Alternative, Blues, Classic, Country, Disco, Experimental, Electronic, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop

Price per track

from 80 euro

First track discount

Free preview

Stem mastering


Mastering for iTunes



Mastering is the final process applied to a track before it reaches its delivery medium, be it vinyl, CD, MP3, DVD etc. It can be considered ‘polishing’ a track, and for mastering to be really effective, ‘polishing’ is the desired process. Mastering is also a ‘correction’ process, in which problems missed in the mixing stage can be fixed. This includes problems such as, noise, hum, muddiness, clicks and pops. However, when mastering is used to compensate for these problems, rather than simply ‘polish’ a track, the overall results are compromised. It is much better to get things right in the mix, so feel free to contact us for a mix review prior to a mastering session. We love hearing from bands, solo artists, managers, labels and generally awesome people. Need demos? We may be able to help with our Artist Development Program, just include a link to your music.


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