Rotterdam Mastering

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Dance, Electronic

Price per track

from 30 euro

Stem mastering



Rotterdam Mastering is a mastering facility in Rotterdam, Holland, with their headquarters alongside the river Maas. We are specialised in mastering electronic dance music (House, Techno, Dubstep, EDM, Progressive and the likes). Either for producers, DJ’s, live-acts or labels. With years of experience, a trained set of ears, great gear, optimised acoustics and monitoring, we are dedicated to delivering high quality mastering services. Every project is approached with great care and individual attention. Our engineers will listen to your wishes and make sure the optimal tools are used for your track. We think the combination of high-end analogue equipment together with the digital precision of plugins creates the best results. The reason to use outboard equipment is that a certain piece of gear has it’s own unique character that contributes to the sound of the master. Therefore we’ve selected analogue gear that are clean and precise, but can add it’s character or ‘warmth‘ when needed. We are convinced that loudness shouldn’t be achieved at any cost: unless explicitly noted by you, we will never create an over-compressed and super loud master. Instead we think punchy, detailed and dynamic is the way to go.

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