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There are dozens of online mastering companies out there. We started this company with the idea that we could offer music mastering services that are just as good (if not better) than what you will get from a mastering studio charging $60-$100 a track. And for all those companies out there around $20 a track, why not pay a little more and get something ten times better? That’s the deal. Online mastering how it should be. Sola Mastering features trained engineers with over 19 years of experience and the highest quality equipment. Not computers. Not automated. Real engineers that you can talk to, people who have worked with big name artists on big time projects. Notice the samples on the homepage: they're accomplished artists and the music is legit. Our engineers have worked with artists (Pimp C feat. Juicy J & Nas; Johnoy Danoa; etc.) that have hit MILLIONS of plays. You won't find that with many other companies. Upload your tracks and one of our engineers will work with you from start to finish to deliver music that sounds better than you ever thought it could. It all comes down to this: Better Price. Better Sound.

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