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The Mastering House provides high quality audio mastering and media production services in the greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to offer clients superior service and audio excellence in a friendly atmosphere where the artist remains an integral part of the mastering process. With a stunningly accurate listening environment and a great selection of analog and digital equipment, we provide a history of excellence and most importantly a passion for doing what we do with the highest standards possible. Personal attention and service to each individual artist and project is what makes our studio stand out among the rest. Our mastering process starts by collecting background information about the artist. Tell us about your individual style of music and approach, as well as what, if any, bands influence the sound; how the project was recorded, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the mix. With this perspective we critically listen to the recording and compare your music to any references you feel appropriate. After listening to the complete project, we will apply a customized chain of audio processing to enhance the overall frequency balance and dynamics of the album as well as bring out the parts of the mix that contribute most to the song and style of music. This is a cyclical process; working together with the artist to create the intended goal.

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