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1-2 days

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Cris Judd, Get Low Records, The Game/ Spice 1/ JT The Bigga Figga, SideOneDummy Records J-Paul Budden (Joe Buddens Bother/ Producer) Def Jam Records, BIG J ( DJ Green Lanterns Manager) / Interscope Records, Show Time/ The Next Episod, Universal Records, Dogg House Records, Blackground Entertainment, Tenth Street Ent, Music World Management, Nardini Music Management, 3L

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All styles

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from 5 euro

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Audio Mastering is the final step before sending your CD off to a CD manufacturing plant. Audio Mastering your CD with us will bring the quality of your songs up to professional standards. We will also make your demo or album sound like all the songs belong together. Our audio CD Mastering guys are experienced and professional sound engineers with many years of CD Mastering experience. It’s all about the quality of the equipment used when mastering, we give our clients that warm, clear, deep, full, dynamic and up front sound. We just had an Analog Tube Mastering EQ custom made/designed for us and it sounds amazing. Our new custom made CD Mastering EQ sounds so great that we already put in an order for 2 more because I want that amazing sound in all three of our Audio Mastering Labs. Revisions: Here at Ryan Clement Audio Mastering we understand that our clients are sometimes on a tight budget, we make every effort to deliver a great Final Master every time but once in a while there may be problems with the mix or audio quality. Revisions are usually done for free and will include minor EQ, Compression or editing adjustments. Extensive revisions that need to be done because our high quality Audio Mastering brings out the good and bad in mixes & we may incur a small fee to re-master the song/mix because the problems can't be fixed in the Audio Mastering Process. Songs that need to be re-mastered due to a mix issue and need to be re-mixed to fix minor problems may incur supplementary charges. At Ryan Clement Mastering we will only re-master songs or complete Audio CD Mastering projects free if the problem/problems came from our Mastering end. We have been Mastering for so long and have so much experience repairing songs; we can fix most problems in sub par mixes and make them sound incredible so we hardly have to do Revisions.

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Hello! I need mastering 5 track. Can you do it for me?

Yordan Tamayo

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