Backstreets Mastering

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Most famous clients

Jimmy Westerlund, Jay Newland

Price per track

from 50 euro


Backstreets Mastering is a mastering studio based in Helsinki, Finland operating out of the premises of Stereotype Studio. During the years of operation tracks ranging from debut releases of upcoming local musicians to songs produced by multi-award winning producer Jimmy Westerlund and eight-time Grammy Award winner Jay Newland have been mastered at Backstreets Mastering.
Maybe you are a band who wants their EP or full length album mastered and pressed to a Red Book Standard CD, a singer-songwriter who wants to give that final polish and balance to your upcoming release, a choir who wants a polish for your recorded live concert or a producer for a television or radio show who want to take your final product to the next level. In all cases, Backstreets Mastering gives You high quality professional audio mastering services.
The centerpiece of the equipment at Backstreets Mastering is a custom-built analog mastering console. Paired with a great monitoring system from Amphion, state of the art analog and digital processors, precise AD/DA conversion and a analog 1/4" tape machine, Backstreets Mastering is ready to take on a wide array of mastering projects and formats.

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