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The Gateway Mastering & DVD name is world renowned, but when you work with us our relationship with you is the most important asset we have. What we offer is to serve your musical or video vision by working in partnership with you. You can take for granted and trust that we have the best analog and digital gear, the best room acoustics, the best engineers and the best support staff in the business. When you visit us you may be surprised by our family atmosphere. We all eat lunch together and you can kick-off your shoes and be as comfortable as you wish. Our mastering engineers are in the unique position of having one or more musical projects come to them for critical evaluation each day. Educated, fresh, and “in touch with the market place” ears are an invaluable asset. Working in a dedicated mastering studio with a familiar, controlled listening environment, our engineers can offer a new perspective on your music, perhaps beyond what you had imagined!

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