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– More than 15 years of experience in music production, music mixing, engineering (started with prehistoric software like Fasttracker, Propellerheads Re-Birth RB-338) – More than 9 years of experience in DSP software programming / own audio software company ( software developer, worked for G-Sonique, Acoustica Inc. U.S.A. Mixcraft, Kastelheimer, Epralux audio ) used by stars like VINAI (Spinnin records), Zardonic (OSWLA), Penta… – More than 8 years of experience with running my own mastering business (previously co-owned A.D. mastering studios) – Electrotechnical education (Deep knowledge of analog equipment and PCB circuits) ANALOG SIGNAL PROCESSING – AVALON VT-747SP – CLASS A optical compressor + passive EQ with selectable vacuum tube / clean Class A transistor signal path – CALIFORNIA SOUND LA1975 (CUSTOM/MODIFIED) – special analog machine for heavy bass and creamy/crunchy color of trebles / unique texture – Bedini B.A.S.E. (modified) – Special 3D Sound 100% analog processor – SECTIO AUREA EQ (CUSTOM) – PASSIVE COIL EQ 110-PQ (CUSTOM) – COMPRESSOR CL-D4 (CUSTOM) – VACUUM TUBE WARMER (CUSTOM) DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING – TC ELECTRONIC MASTERING SYSTEM 6000 + MD3 48bit, fixed point high resolution DSP mastering system with multiband processing, parametric equalization, dynamics, expander, softclipper, limiter, Mid/Side processing and more – TC ELECTRONIC Powercore Linear phase Dynamic EQ – TC ELECTRONIC DSP Brickwall limiter with 3x upsampling – DTX1 Digital compressor (custom digital hardware) – DTFX1 Digital mastering processor (custom digital hardware) – EQLPA-6 Digital high precision linear phase equalizer (custom digital hardware) – Virtual analog tape technology (custom VST) – High precision limiter/softclipper (custom VST) AD/DA CONVERSION – Crane song HEDD – Class A high-end mastering 24bit converter Harmonically enhanced device with Triode and Pentode knobs MONITORING – Custom made mastering speakers – JBL LSR308, bi-amplified mid-field reference monitors with Image Control Wave Guide from M2 Master Reference Monitor – Yamaha MSP3, small test monitors – Wooden vintage style, paper membrane hi-fi speakers – Senheiser HD 600 Headphones + Upgraded class A braided cable and gold jack plug – Beyerdynamic hi-fi headphones

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